This morning, I turned on my favorite news channel and became livid. It wasn’t the usual anxiety-inducing conversations of late. It was worse to me because it was an attack on the one thing that is guaranteed to aggrandize communities of color, communities in poverty, and communities encountering violence: college.

When I was in college, it was never a question of how long it would take me to graduate: four years or less. My friends, who were also on scholarship, had the same mentality. During finals, we would give each other a head nod when we spotted each other in…

Way before talk of a wall, my aunt traveled across the border with a paid coyote. She was Black, dark enough to fit outside the norms of Latino identity. If ever that was a benefit, it was at the border. But her sons looked more mestizo so they were tucked…

Vielka Hoy

CEO and Founder at Bridge to College

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